July Wrap-Up

Hello Humans! Welcome to my July wrap-up post. I have to say it hasn’t been an amazing month for reading (at least for me) but I have got quite a lot of the reviews from last month written so that was satisfying!

Books Reviewed

I reviewed nineteen books this month, one less than last month – but that is a quirk of where the days fall in the month. Since my Eve of Man review from May remains my most popular review post I will be choosing the five other most popular posts to share today. But do look at my Book Reviews Archive if you want to find my reviews from July.

the long way to a small angry planet becky chambers

I loved this book so much! I had no doubt that I would, I have since read A Closed and Common Orbit and have met Becky Chambers in person!

the fifth season

Another review I wouldn’t have expected to do so well, I think this shows it is always worth reviewing older books and not just new releases!

spark alice broadway

A somewhat dissapointing sequel, but worth talking about. Also, I can’t fault these covers, they are absolutely stunning!

the sea witch

This is a hugely enjoyable addition to the year of ALL THE RETELLINGS. I’m awash with Little Mermaid stories but this one is actually quite good!

bright ruin vic james

BRIGHT RUIN IS AMAZING PLEASE READ BRIGHT RUIN READ THIS SERIES AAAAAAAH. I mean. This book made an impression on me I would highly recommend reading the entire series. Ahem.

Sunday Posts

chaininteraction musings graphic

I’ve started to really get into writing the more musings-based posts and I’m excited to write more in August!

These are a Few of my Favourite Tropes – Strong Female Characters

Should We Describe Books As Feminist? – Musings

I Read A Book A Day For A Month

Top Ten Tuesdays

Top ten tuesday graphic

TTT – Books with Sensory Reading Memories

TTT – Favorite Novellas/Short Stories

TTT – Best Books I’ve Read In 2018

TTT – Extra Beautiful Covers

Want to Read Wednesdays

Want to Read Wednesdays graphic

Want to Read Wednesday – The Navigator’s Touch

Want to Read Wednesday – Record of a Spaceborn Few

Want to Read Wednesday – Fierce like a Firestorm

Want to Read Wednesday – Vengeful

PHEW! What a month. I’m off to the Edinburgh Fringe in August so it’ll certainly be a busy one, but don’t fret, there’s still oodles of content coming your way!



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