TTT – My Favourite Bookish Blogs and Websites

Hello humans! Can I just say how excited I am for today’s TTT prompt? I absolutely love talking about the blogging community and I really want to see what sites and blogs people enjoy!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and is an awesome way to discover new bloggers who like the same kind of books as you do!

Any Amazon links are affiliate links.

A Cat, A Book, and A Cup of Tea

I had to start with Asha, who is in some ways new to this book blogging game (and in a lot of other ways is more experienced than pretty much everyone else). Now Asha is one of my real life personal friends and has been one since I arrived fresh-faced and terrified to university. Now that we’ve both graduated and are a bit less busy we can spend all our time chatting about all things bookish. What I love about Asha and her blog is that she’s no-nonsense, she always speaks her mind and refuses to be caught up in any kind of hype or similar. She writes amazing reviews and, even though I’m very allergic to him, her cat is pretty awesome and awesomely pretty.

Visit Asha | Twitter

I Should Read That

I mean, anyone could have predicted this, Justine is someone I am incredibly grateful to have met (both online and in real life). Justine and I happened to follow each other on WordPress and then on Twitter and gradually realised that not only do we have a huge amount in common but we also both live in Oxford so can go to bookish events together. I think Waterstones Oxford is going to start considering the three of us a matched set soon. Justine writes phenomenal reviews, has an epic Booktube channel and is an all-around wonderful human being. Pretty much everything she has ever recommended has been a five-star read.

Visit Justine | Twitter | Booktube


Now, I’m aware that Goodreads is all kinds of problematic, I’m not being naive about that, nor do I think that Goodreads is the be all and end all of bookish sites, you don’t need to use Goodreads to be a blogger (and anyone that says you do is not your friend). I do find Goodreads’ lists incredibly helpful and, as an unorganised person, it’s a handy way of keeping track of what I’m reading. I probably check Goodreads at least once a day (it’s a lot more than that). I don’t think anyone will have somehow not encountered Goodreads before – but you never know!

Visit my Goodreads profile

My Library’s Ebook Service

I’m not getting as much use out of this as I once did (my physical TBR got a little big for its boots and I had to take a break from the library for a bit) but this was my lifesaver when I started reading but I wasn’t earning much money. It was also a source of books that I might not have heard of otherwise – my love for Nevernight and Gilded Cage came from this site.

Paper Fury

I know that Paper Fury will probably be on quite a few lists today. I do find her twitter very entertaining, and I think her photos are gorgeous, but what I love about Cait is that she is so willing to share information, I’ve used a lot of her tutorials in the past and it definitely improved my blogging. She posts quality content and deserves all the recognition she gets!

Visit Paper Fury


Now I don’t think I need to talk about this too much, I use this site maybe fifty times a day. I can’t believe the number of books I’ve been able to discover and share because of this site (don’t worry I buy a lot of finished copies too). It’s an invaluable resource and it also gives me a sense of achievement when I see that notification that I’ve been accepted for something.

Visit NetGalley

This blog post is already getting a little long and rambly so I’m going to round it off with four bloggers who, you’ll just have to take my word for it, write wonderful reviews and will help you to discover some new books!

Destiny @ Howling Libraries

Laura @ Reading Sanctuary

Louise @ Book Murmuration

Emma @ A Dreamer’s Library

I hope you enjoy these humans (if you didn’t already) and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s blog post!


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