TTT – 10 Books that Feature Schools

Hello humans! I’m back from Edinburgh and ready to leap back into the blogging game! Kicking off with a Top Ten Tuesday post that I’m actually quite excited to write. Now I haven’t had a ‘back to school’ moment for a couple of years since I’m all graduated now but I still love reading about schools in books so I thought I’d feature my ten favourites.

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tempests and slaughter tamora pierce

Goodreads | My Review | Amazon

I recently reviewed this amazing book and all I can say is that it’s everything the magic school wanting person within me needed.

red sister mark lawrence

Goodreads | Amazon

Ok so strictly speaking this is a convent, not a school but I’m not going to be too limited in my definitions here. I love this book and I will always love anything with assassin school in it – it’s one of my favourite things!

mirror gate jeff wheeler

Goodreads | My Review | Amazon

This is actually a sequel and not a huge amount of the story actually features the school, I still thought it was an interesting concept and I liked the use of the school to help to develop some of the ideas touched upon in the first book.

The poppy war r f kuang

Goodreads | My Review | Amazon

More magic school (though please remember that this is not a YA novel, major trigger warnings apply to TPW). I loved this book so much, especially since the two halves of the story are so different.

Quests for Glory Soman Chainani

Goodreads | My Review | Amazon

These books are so silly and wonderful that I just had to include them. Particularly in the earlier books, the idea of the two schools and the different lessons they taught was really cool.

Scythe Neal Shusterman

Goodreads | My Review | Amazon

Not a school, more of a private tutor, but the way that the practice of being a scythe was taught was probably the best part of this book (the sequel is much better).

Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith Shaun Hume

Goodreads | My Review | Amazon

Got to include at least one indie on this list! This is a great read if you like the Harry Potter vibe of a magic school.

Nevernight Jay Kristoff

Goodreads | My Review | Amazon

More assassin school! This has been one of my favourite series to read and I am 100% sure my heart will be broken by the end of Darkdawn.

A Natural History of Dragons Marie Brennan

Goodreads | My Review | Amazon

Another loose definition of a school…I loved the part of this series where Lady Trent has a kind of salon in her home. Not only is is historically accurate for the type of education ladies had at the time but it also adds to the women-helping-women theme in these books.

The Name of the Wind Patrick Rothfuss

Goodreads | My Review | Amazon

One of the best magic university stories out there. If you haven’t braved NOTW yet then I seriously recommend that you do, it’s well worth it.

So there you go, ten examples (albeit fairly loose ones) of schools in some of my favourite books!

What’s on your list? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I swear every time I look at these lists they just make me feel bad about my TBR hahaha both Nevernight and The Name of the Wind have been on my shelves waiting for me to pick them up for so long. Im itching to get to Nevernight but it just hasn’t happened.

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