Dark Matter: Evolution, Teri Terry – Book Review

Hello humans! Today’s review is of the final book in Teri Terry’s Dark Matter series, the first two books of which I reviewed a while ago, to read those reviews click here. This has been one of the most interesting series to read start to finish, with a fair number of unexpected twists and turns here and there. I was interested to see how it ended.

Goodreads Summary:

Into the fire …

The final part of the trilogy from multi award-winning author Teri Terry.

Shay has followed Xander and joined his mysterious scientific cult at their remote Scottish compound. She’s desperately searching for Callie, who went missing before the start of the epidemic that kills 95% of cases, and leaves a tiny number of survivors with astonishing new powers.

Can Shay uncover the truth about the origins of the epidemic, find Callie and perhaps even rekindle her relationship with Kai? Or will Xander’s grand plans destroy them all for ever?

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Often, when reading books as part of a series, one of the criteria by which I judge that book is how easy it is to pick it up after having read the others. In this case, I think this is most certainly a series that has to be read one after the other without too much of a break. I read the first two books back in January and almost nine months on I pretty much couldn’t remember anything of what had happened. I don’t write this as a criticism of the book itself, rather as something worth noting if you’re a reader like me who doesn’t like to go back and re-read too often (who has the time?).

What I will say is that, even with the knowledge that I was going in after a bit of a break, the start of this book is quite confusing. I found myself mixing up characters, not knowing who was with who and where everyone is. Yes, this is a confusing situation for the characters themselves to be in, but it hindered my ability to get back into the story as I had to read extra slowly to regain any sense of clarity. I think the latter half of the book, once the plot has found its feet again, it gets a lot better, so if you can then try to persevere through the opening chapters.

This story is quite convoluted, if you were to read the first book and then skip straight to book three I think you’d be pretty damn confused as the changes in the story are pretty profound. I have to say I thought the first book was by far the strongest. I just found that I didn’t care too much about these characters, partly because everything had been turned upside down so many times that I no longer knew what any of the characters wanted  – one of the most important things for getting me to get along with any story.

I think that if I sat down and read all three books as though they were one very long book I would have enjoyed this story, as it is I don’t know that many people actually read in that way and this is too complex of a story to just pick up and put down. Hence I was left feeling a little put-down. I can see the appeal of this story and there are some amazing ideas and moments within it, but overall there isn’t enough cohesion for me to properly enjoy the reading experience.

My rating: 2/5 stars

I received a digital advanced review copy of this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

What say you? How do you like to read trilogies? Let me know in the comments below!


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