Want to Read Wednesdays – Bloodprint

Hello humans! Welcome back to another W2RW post. I actually already own this book, and this post is sort of an instruction to myself to get my arse in gear and actually read it! This was a bit of a whim-based purchase in my local indie bookshop (that cover, it called to me) and since then has been sat behind me on my bookshelf at work. It looks amazing so I’m hoping to read it soon!

the bloodprint ausma zehanat khan

Goodreads Summary:

In the lands of Candour, the Talisman threaten the authority of the Council with their growing indoctrination of the masses based on their rigid, oppressive interpretation of the Claim; a text orally transmitted from generation to generation, which they have appropriated in order to gain power. Tasked by the Council to fight this is Arian, aided by companion Sinnia and young boy Wafa, who must find the Bloodprint, legendary manuscript the Claim is based on, in order to stop the Talisman and re-establish the truth.

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Have you got anything on your TBR that you need to persuade yourself to read? Let me know in the comments below!


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