Daily Updates – NaNoWriMo 2018 Week 2

Hello Humans! It’s the end of the first full week of NaNoWriMo and it’s time for more daily updates.

Monday 5 November

Back at work, back into a routine, sadly I think I’ve now used up that head start I got in the first couple of days as I’ve written fewer than 1667 words the past couple of days. I thought about writing a little more today but I’d got to the end of a chapter and it felt silly to start the next bit today when I can leave it for tomorrow morning. I’m in the thick of action right now and it’s a lot of working out how the characters can solve problems as I’m writing which is probably not how you’re meant to do it but OH WELL.

1441 words written. Total: 8393.

Favourite line written:

Cal set her shoulders, letting the cogs of her mind spin freely.

“We need a map.”

Second update: I got inspired and I actually wrote another 1500 words or so, it’s lunchtime now and I might try to get to 10k…can it be done?

Update the third: I made it to 10K and then some! All I want to do is write, honestly, why is Lunch over?

Tuesday 6 November

I’m shooting to get to 12k words today, I’ve written in my usual slot before work and I’m really close so I just need to get a bit more done to retain my lead. I’m in another phase where I have to get them from one point of action and into another. I’m not a big fan of writing those transitional moments – I have an old manuscript somewhere that consists of huge missing bits that just say ‘they walk there’ so you see the problem. I’m trying to be strict on myself to keep writing even when I get a bit bored of the section I’m on. I know I can edit these terrible transitions to be good, but I can’t edit a blank space.

1621 words written (so far). Total: 12,143!

Favourite line written:

You remember that odious head of shipping?” Greta asked, looking over at Thea,

“You mean the one who called me a hysterical nightmare and slammed a door in my face?” Thea’s voice dripped with sarcasm, “can’t say I do.”

Yes I still love Greta, she’s not in the next bit, what am I going to do?

Wednesday 7 November 

Maybe I just don’t like not writing dialogue? My characters are having to be pretty sneaky in this section and it means no talking and I’m finding it really difficult. I’m also realising I had not planned out how this next location was going to look and feel so I guess I’m going to be working that out on the fly. I’ve written 1447 words this morning in my pre-work session and I’m hoping to at least get to the requisite 1667 before the day ends, wish me luck.

1447 words written. Total: 13734

Favourite line written:

But this entire operation was based around the fact that no-one ever checked that kind of thing. Nobody questioned a third gate, nobody questioned carts leaving a busy factory, nobody, not even Cal, questioned sending carts full of mystery stones to the city when asked.

Thursday 8 November

Help me. The hormones have struck. I find it exceedingly hard to be creative and motivated when I’m hormonal and, based on how well yesterday went and how today feels I guess that’s what I’m working with. I’m trying to get to another point of action but I’m stuck in this sneaky bit and all I want to do is skip ahead but I can’t/shouldn’t. Argh. Still, with every sentence, I’m one step closer to having dialogue again, and then it’s big plot reveal time.

1148 words written. Total: 14541

Favourite line written:

If prayers were all it took to make a God, surely she’d done enough, this evening alone, to make a God of hinges.

Friday 9 November

A much better day! (Also yesterday was pretty good in the end, after writing that update I got super inspired and wrote 2771 words overall so what do I know?). I’m so close to being back to writing a big group moment which I’m much better and I enjoy a lot more, but of course, my brain throws up a plot point that needs to go in the middle so I suppose I’m writing that first. We’re also about to hit weekend number two and this weekend I’m a little busier than I would prefer to be, but I’m still planning on smashing it.

1231 words written. Total: 17736.

Another update, I got to 18K which means that if I do fail this weekend I won’t be behind, phew!

Favourite line written:

“I need you to be brave for just a moment longer and then both of us can fall apart, ok?”

Saturday 10 November

It’s the weekend! I’ve written around 800 words this morning and I’m hoping to do some writing later on, but I’ve been hindered slightly by the fact that my library books are due in on Monday so now I have to speed read those…it’ll be fine.

812 words written. Total: 19207

Oh that settles it, I’m going to try to get to 20K today, that’s the goal.

Favourite line written:

“What is this?” she asked, pulling out paper after paper, “you know you didn’t have to bring me a present until my birthday!”

Sunday 11 November

Ok, so I didn’t get to 20K yesterday but I’m only 400 words off so today’s the day. We’re having people over for a writing party this afternoon so planning to be v productive!

Writing party underway and I’ve written today’s words! I also have a buttload of blog posts I need to write so I’m going to press pause on the NaNo until that’s done but feeling very productive. I’m also in an exciting backstory moment which are some of my favourite moments to write so here’s to even more productivity later!

1861 words written. Total 21527

Favourite line written:

“But in the hands of the right journalist,” she plucked the letter from Jonas’ hand, smoothing it out once more, “it’s more than a letter, it’s a smoking gun.”

Here’s to another week of writing! Here’s to 30K and more! Here’s to not letting everything else in my life fall by the wayside!


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