The Realms of the Gods, Tamora Pierce – Book Review

Hello Humans! It is done, we have reached the end. I’ve had the best time reading and reviewing Tamora Pierce’s Immortals quartet and I truly hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. It’s been an interesting exercise, I’ve posted reviews of maybe two books in a series in a row on this blog before, going for four was something new. I liked getting the chance to read a series from start to finish, not something one often gets when you read a lot of new releases, and I liked building on the previous review. I don’t know that there will be any similar series in the future, but watch this space.

The realms of the Gods Tamora Pierce

Goodreads Summary:

Daine holds the fate of Tortall in her hands in this thrilling conclusion to The Immortals series.

During a dire battle, Daine and her mentor Numair are swept into the Divine Realms – where gods and legends roam. Safe for now, they are desperately needed back in the land of mortals, where their old enemy, the Emperor Ozorne and his army of strange immortal creatures are waging war against Tortall.

Through her journey to the land of the gods, Daine comes upon incredible truths. But as the secrets of her past are revealed so is the treacherous way back to Tortall. And so Daine and Numair must embark on an extraordinary journey home.

The fate of all Tortall rests with Daine and her wild magic
Discover a land of enchantment, legend, and adventure in this fourth and final book of The Immortals series, featuring an updated cover for longtime fans and newcomers alike.

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I think this is probably the book most likely to polarise readers in the series. Personally, I loved it, but if you don’t like large age gaps in romances between characters then this may not be the book for you. I will say that Tamora Pierce addresses this in her afterword and I think it’s handled very well. So I don’t want to focus in on the romance too much in this review largely because I think it would be doing a disservice to the book and to the series as a whole.

Because one of the things that I have consistently loved about Daine from book one is that this girl has her priorities in check. This book, more than any of the others, shows Daine realising her place in this world, in this war. She’s not a bystander being sucked into the action any more, she’s at the heart. The fact that we took three other books to get to this point made it so much more powerful. She isn’t a chosen one, she isn’t thrown in at the deep end, Daine earns her place in this story.

This book is probably the most action-filled of the quartet, there are more fights and flights and chases and battles than there were in the other books, at least it felt that way, but there is still a good amount of scheming and political plots to keep you interested (if fighting isn’t your thing). Much like Wolf Speaker, the number of human characters Daine interacts with is stripped back to being pretty much just Numair. But that doesn’t make for a minimalist cast of characters. Not at all. In fact, we get even more animal/creature characters (some of them are also Gods, it’s hard to explain), including the darklings, which might just be my new favourite characters in the whole series, they’re too cute and I want one.

Thinking back to the first book in this series, I don’t think I would have expected this ending, but I’m so glad this series went the way that it did. I liked that Tamora Pierce didn’t shy away from the idea of Gods, something that can quite often either read as deus ex machina (literally) or that feels half-baked or implausible. I think it works well, particularly since the full extent of God’s powers/hindrances aren’t really explored until book four.

From start to finish, this has been some of the most fun I’ve had reading a series. I can’t fully explain all the things I loved, and I urge you to go back and have a look at my previous reviews to find out a bit more. But I need more Tamora Pierce in my life, and I need it immediately.

My rating: 5/5 stars

I bought this book myself, all opinions are my own.

What say you? Which book should I read next? Let me know in the comments below!


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