Fallible Justice, Laura Laakso – Readalong

Hello Humans! It is that time again, for me it is day six of my ‘book a day’ reading challenge and I’m tackling Laura Laakso’s Fallible Justice and I am too excited to write an intro I just wanna get stuck in.

Goodreads Summary:

Fallible JusticeIn Old London, where paranormal races co-exist with ordinary humans, criminal verdicts delivered by the all-seeing Heralds of Justice are infallible. After a man is declared guilty of murder and sentenced to death, his daughter turns to private investigator Yannia Wilde to do the impossible and prove the Heralds wrong.

Yannia has escaped a restrictive life in the Wild Folk conclave where she was raised, but her origins mark her as an outsider in the city. These origins lend her the sensory abilities of all of nature. Yet Yannia is lonely, and struggling to adapt to life in the city. The case could be the break she needs. She enlists the help of her only friend, a Bird Shaman named Karrion, and together they accept the challenge of proving a guilty man innocent.

So begins a breathless race against time and against all conceivable odds. Can Yannia and Karrion save a man who has been judged infallibly guilty?

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To clarify, it is actually Thursday, but the sections of this book are split into days and I thought that’d be a good way of reminding myself to do check-ins as the book progressed.

The slight problem with that plan is Sunday is only a few pages. Ah well. I’m just a little way in and I already love this book. I wasn’t prepared for how early in the book the chronic pain representation would come in. But it’s clear that’s what was wanted and it’s so well done. I can’t wait to see what comes next (the next section is longer don’t worry).



Also, a goth boy who attracts birds? Who let this book into my mind.

I wasn’t sure if I was totally on board with the first person narrative – I’ve never been the biggest fan, I like a bit more of a broader scope, but in this instance, it’s really working.

I have yet to fully work out how the magical vs non-magical stuff works in this world but I’m intrigued and hopefully, all shall become clear soon.

Possible content warning for rape? Or some kind of assault. It’s just been briefly alluded to and I’m not sure if it’ll be a bigger thing later or not…


Ooof it’s a busy week! A lot happens for a Tuesday. As I suspected they’re drip-feeding information about magic. So far I’ve taken in the fact that there is supposedly infallible magical judgement (oh yeah that explains the title) and also our protagonist gets magic (kinda) from wild spaces so living in London is hard.

There has also been a dog so I’m very happy as you can imagine.

I read very few detective novels though I watch a lot of crime television so this is a much welcome step back into a genre which I love but do not read enough.

Happy Judith. On to Wednesday.


The chronic pain rep is so good.

The murder mystery is so good.

The graphic description of bugs eating a dead body was…not for me but I have a deep-seated phobia of swarms so that’s more of a me problem.

The bulk of the book is gone now and I’m sad! I want there to be more. I mean of course I’m very excited about how gay it suddenly got and I definitely want to know whodunnit but also can this book be longer please? Thankfully I believe the author has another book out today (so it’ll be very out by the time you read this).


The plot continues to thicken. It is taking all my willpower to stop and write this check-in because all I want to do is binge read this to the end.

This book is perfectly paced. You have the slow build and now the mad dash to the finish line and I am so excited to find out what happens and why am I typing this I just want to read.

See you on the other side!


SO GOOD. There’s probably nothing I can say here that won’t spoil the end for you so let’s skip on right ahead to the final verdict (this is such a problem with readalongs for mystery novels…).

Final Verdict

Read this. Just, do yourself a favour, buy a copy, borrow a copy, do anything but pirate a copy and then read it and revel in how good this book is. I’ve fallen so hard for these characters, for this setting, for this mystery. I need more. What surprised me is normally I’m not much of a ‘paranormal’ reader. I tend to like my fantasy with more swords – but this just captivated me. It has something about it that stuck with me, whether that’s the characters or the setting or a combination of everything – this was amazing.

My rating: 5/5 stars

I was given a copy of this book by a friend, all opinions are my own.

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What will the TBR jar choose next?

king of scars leigh bardugo

That’s right, the time has finally come to tackle Leigh Bardugo’s latest, King of Scars. While everyone else is nattering about Ninth House I’ll be here still living in the Grishaverse. I finished the original trilogy earlier this year and was less than impressed but I am VERY excited to read this as (in my opinion) Bardugo’s multiple POV books are streets ahead of her earlier work.

Stay tuned for that readalong coming soon.

What say you? Are there any other books that have good chronic pain rep? Let me know in the comments below!


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