Mini-Reviews – May 2020

Hello Humans! Reviews to be written have added up to rather a high number again – and I have books to be reading! With haste in mind – here are some thoughts on some of my recent reads!

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Strata, Terry Pratchett

Wasn’t crazy about this one – a non-Discworld novel is always a bit of a tentative step for me. But the core idea is sound and there are some funny moments. I could have done with a bit more from the characters, I think the boob armour on the cover had me set against this one from fairly early on. Not my favourite Pratchett and not one I would recommend seeking out.

Before they are Hanged, Joe Abercrombie

Sequels are hard to review. I picked this on audiobook and, unusually, I don’t recommend it – physical copy worked much better for this series, at least that’s what I found. Overall I think this was the weakest of the trilogy but I thought that the plot was solid.

Last Argument of Kings, Joe Abercrombie

Finales are even harder to review! Overall I definitely liked this series – I like how Abercrombie manages to balance these very dark books with some moments of humour – it stops it from feeling quite so bleak as it might do. I don’t think I fell in love with any of the characters enough for this to really do it for me as a conclusion to a trilogy – but I’d definitely read more from Abercrombie in the future.

Battle Royale, Koshun Takami

A gift from my older brother, who always picks me things that are out of my comfort zone! I actually had a good time reading this rather large book – I thought that the plot was interesting, the thriller moments were indeed thrilling and the fact that the book manages to balance so many characters was something I didn’t think would work but did! I’d recommend to dystopian/thriller lovers – especially if you want to add some translated fiction to your TBR.

Ship of Magic, Robin Hobb

As with all Robin Hobb’s books (that I have read so far) I found this a little difficult. Don’t get me wrong – I loved it – but I find these books so emotionally draining because I feel so many feelings for the characters. Robin Hobb knows how to write a character I will love, and without fail manages to drag them through hell in the course of 23 hours+ of audiobook. My heart is still sore but I’ve already picked up the sequel…

The Privilege of the Sword, Ellen Kushner

Was not expecting to like this book as much as I did – and to be fair there are moments where this story really drags – and I’m not sure I was a fan of the beat of the story where it ended – but there are girls with swords so honestly, I didn’t mind too much! The first half is much better than the second (in my opinion) and anyone who likes a training montage will enjoy this.

The Girl in Red, Christina Henry

This is half a book. It’s half of an okay book – which is frustrating because it was such a cool concept – sadly the execution just wasn’t quite there. This book has a great build and then it just falls off the edge at the end – I was shocked to not find there was a sequel because it just felt like there ought to be? Frustrated by this one – and there are better apocalypse books out there for those who want them.

Children of Virtue and Vengeance, Tomi Adeyemi

Was very surprised by this one as I was fairly ambivalent when I thought back to the first book. I actually really enjoyed this – I liked the journey these characters took in the new world order they had created. I thought this book felt very mature and went to emotional places I wouldn’t have expected. I’m looking forward to more books in this series and also to continue to see how Adeyemi’s writing continues to grow.

A Heart so Fierce and Broken, Brigid Kemmerer

Another book with a bit of a ‘meh’ ending! I thought this book had some interesting ideas – and I think book three has real potential to be something great. This just felt like a bit of a filler book, necessary to introduce a couple of characters and move the plot along, but there could be some interesting stuff in book three.

Chosen, Kiersten White

I still can’t call myself a Buffy fan – and I’m not the biggest fan of this series. In this case I felt like the main character just lacked a certain something, I didn’t like her very much? I’m not a huge fan of very trusting characters (especially if they are trusting after being betrayed a lot) and that is a lot of this book. I just don’t think I’m quite the right audience for these books – I’m much more into the more fantasy/historical stuff that Kiersten White writes!

PHEW! Feeling very caught up and I hope you are too! I’ve been vlogging throughout the last few months so do go over to Dead Good Book Reviews to hear more about what I’ve been reading!


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