Mini-Reviews July 2020

Hello Humans!

Book a day in June is continuing at a pace and I just don’t have the brain space to write dedicated reviews just now. As ever – check out my Youtube Channel at Dead Good Book Reviews to get more of a sense of my complete thoughts on these books!

The Protector of the Small Quartet

My latest foray into Tamora Pierce and I think this might be my favourite set of books yet. I love a lady knight, I love knight school, I love animals. Basically this combined all the things I loved from the Alanna and Daine books into one. Page and Squire are definitely my favourites of the four but I’d tell everyone and their mum to buy copies of these books and read them. I’m already excited for the next series and I don’t actually own them yet!

Warrior of the Wild

loved Daughter of the Pirate King when I first read it, I liked it less on a re-read. My feelings for Warrior of the Wild are similar – essentially this is a solid concept and a good book it just doesn’t quite have the time/space/wordcount to develop into anything you can really get your teeth into.

I liked the main character though, and definitely thought this was more developed than the Daughter of the Pirate King duology. I mean – I wanted more – so I can’t say it’s a bad book. I’d say worth a read if you adore YA – but for those feeling overwhelmed by it…you can skip this one?

We Are the Dead

This book dragged SO MUCH. I mean…it’s kind of long – but not as long as it feels. I wanted to like this but again the treatment of women was less than great across the whole book. In the end I just felt this book…didn’t need to exist. There is enough similar fantasy out there and I didn’t feel this was doing anything new. Maybe give this one a miss?


Not a Terry Pratchett book I would recommend. A lot of this book is kind of  about racism and it’s done in a ‘aren’t people who are a bit racist silly?’ kind of way but it’s significantly less funny when people still think that way 20+ years later and also it’s well-loved main characters saying the racist things… yeah…

Ship of Destiny

CW: rape – on page.

Liked this book overall – wanted better for some of the characters and worse for others but at least I was invested in the ending which I haven’t been for some other similar trilogies. Definitely excited to read more especially seeing how this universe is coming together!


Cool worldbuilding and some interesting developments of the world beyond Steelheart but could this seemingly 12 year old boy main characters stop talking about guns and attractive women who make life difficult for him for five minutes? Ruining the book for me.


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