Mini-Reviews – May 2020

Hello Humans! Reviews to be written have added up to rather a high number again - and I have books to be reading! With haste in mind - here are some thoughts on some of my recent reads! You can also check out my YouTube Channel for more thoughts on books! Strata, Terry Pratchett Wasn't... Continue Reading →

The Sky Weaver, Kristen Ciccarelli – Book Review

Hello Humans! Time to review book three in the Iksari series. To get you back up to speed - I absolutely adored book one (The Last Namsara) thought the second book was ok (The Caged Queen) and then left this book on my review copies TBR until literally the last possible moment - so you can... Continue Reading →

Goldilocks, Laura Lam – Book Review

Hello Humans! How are we doing? Ready for a bit of feminist science fiction? Of course we are! I recently (well...recently to writing this I'm not 100% sure when this will go up) read Laura Lam's Goldilocks which claimed to be "a bold and thought-provoking new thriller for readers of The Martian and The Handmaid's Tale."... Continue Reading →

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