Fable, Adrienne Young – Book Review

Hello Humans! Full disclosure - in case you have a gander at my goodreads and nothing makes sense - I'm writing this review way back in November of 2020. So if any references seem dated that's not because I'm a time traveller...or is that exactly what a time traveller would say? Today I'm reviewing the... Continue Reading →

The Mask Falling, Samantha Shannon – Book Review

Hello Humans! Welcome back to another book review! Today I want to have a quick chat about book four in The Bone Season series by Samantha Shannon - while things are going to be spoiler-free for book four you might encounter spoilers for the rest of the series so click away if you haven't read... Continue Reading →

Escape Pod – Book Review

Hello Humans! I haven't typically gravitated towards short story collections in the past - I have a real love for getting my teeth stuck into a longer format and really exploring themes and characters in a way that short stories don't - because they're not designed to do that. But Titan books reached out with... Continue Reading →

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