I Read A Book A Day For A Month

Goodreads | Amazon UK (Affiliate)Hello humans! I know I did my June wrap-up post, where I talked about all the writing I did last month, but I hadn’t yet talked about all the reading I did. Normally I don’t bother, you get the gist from my Twitter or Goodreads anyway. But last month was a... Continue Reading →

July TBR

Hello Humans! Time for my July TBR! I work on a kind of rolling TBR basis at the moment, where it's not essential that I read everything on my TBR within the month, but anything I don't read will go onto August's TBR (which may have to be smaller since I'm rehearsing and performing a... Continue Reading →

Holiday TBR – Norway

Hello humans! This bonus post (because there are too many book reviews to schedule!) is partially an announcement and partially a tbr list. The husband and I are off on a cruise tomorrow to Norway and I am stupendously excited, partly for the opportunity to visit a country to which I have never been, but... Continue Reading →

November Wrap Up

Hello humans! It's been a while since I've written a wrap up post but I feel like this month I've read and reviewed some amazing books and I feel the need to remind myself! Books Reviewed            Series Reviewed   A manic month for sure! But I'm so happy with all the great... Continue Reading →

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