Where to Find A Bookworm

So you've decided you want to locate your favourite bookworm. You've tried the normal methods: email, phone, texts, bat signal, but none of them have worked. Have no fear, I've thought of some places you might want to check and some techniques to try to lure them out. Outside I know, I know it sounds... Continue Reading →

Small Pleasures for Bookworms

Hello humans! We all know life can be hard, but there are simple pleasures that can get you through the day. As a bookworm there are certain things that never fail to bring a smile to your face...   When that book you've had your eye on suddenly goes into the 3 for 2 deal... Continue Reading →

Things NOT to say to Bookworms

The bookworm is a delicate creature, easily perturbed. You must approach with caution. However, if treated with appropriate care and quiet persistence you will find them to be loyal companions who will have a constant supply of book recommendations for you to enjoy. If you try really hard they might even lend you their book...maybe. But there... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!

Hello humans! For those not in the loop, I've been away on Honeymoon for the last fortnight or so. If I've not replied to your comment it isn't because I don't love you, I've just been having too much fun! I'm hoping to do a wedding post soonish but I thought I would let you... Continue Reading →

Musings #3 My proposal story

Aloha! Not sure when this will get posted as I've got a fair bit of blog content preplanned but for those of you reading this in the future, know that I'm writing this the day before I head off to YALC and my whole brain is a mess of anxiety and excitement. I needed to... Continue Reading →

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