Small Pleasures for Bookworms

Hello humans! We all know life can be hard, but there are simple pleasures that can get you through the day. As a bookworm there are certain things that never fail to bring a smile to your face...   When that book you've had your eye on suddenly goes into the 3 for 2 deal... Continue Reading →

Retellings that will (probably) never get written…

Hello humans! I see you're back for some Sunday content! (I took a break last week because I had to fit in my review of the AMAZING┬áReign of the Fallen because to delay it any longer would be to deny you the pleasure of potentially ordering it for yourself! But this week I'm back and... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!

Hello humans! For those not in the loop, I've been away on Honeymoon for the last fortnight or so. If I've not replied to your comment it isn't because I don't love you, I've just been having too much fun! I'm hoping to do a wedding post soonish but I thought I would let you... Continue Reading →

My August Favourites

Hello m'dears. Despite all my best intentions August has utterly flown by. I can't believe we're almost properly into Autumn, where was the summer? I've got some favourites to share with you with some life updates 'hidden' within! New House = New Bookshelf = More Books Right? We moved! That's right, the fiance and I... Continue Reading →

My favourites, July 2017

Beep boop. Hello mortals. Can you believe July is over? I certainly can't. Two months until I get married...aaah! So in order to relax a little I'm sitting down and I'm writing down all the things I've loved this month, bookish and otherwise. Soothe yourself with the happy things I have discovered this month! Twitter... Continue Reading →

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