Below you’ll find any disclaimers I need to make about blog content and similar.

Review Copies

I am often sent review copies of books for free in exchange for my honest opinion. While being sent a review copy does not sway my opinion of the book, I will indicate in reviews and in my review archive when this is the case.

Affiliate Links

Some links that take you to a commercial site (e.g. Amazon) allow me to make a small commission from the purchase you make, at no extra cost to you. If you choose to purchase through this link I am grateful but there is no obligation. All affiliate links will be marked as such.

What do my ratings mean?

After pondering it for a while I decided it was necessary to define what my various star ratings mean. As many will know these ratings are highly subjective so take all of this with a pinch of whatever seasoning you prefer.

1 Star

Means I hated it, I very rarely give a 1* rating but if I do it’s almost certainly because I DNF-d a book due to it being either terrible or problematic or both.

2 Star

I didn’t like this book and I wouldn’t recommend it to others, but I can see some redeemable qualities. For example, a book could be terrible but have really good dialogue.

3 Star

Probably my most difficult rating to define as it can mean a number of things.


I didn’t like this book but think that’s mostly due to personal preference (e.g. genre, themes).


I liked this but didn’t feel it did anything particularly new and I would probably recommend another similar title before I recommended this one.

4 Star

I liked this book a lot. It’s the rating I’m most likely to give because I’m a picky reader. This is definitely a book I would recommend.

5 Star

This is a rating normally given based on my gut feeling at the end of a book. You know that feeling where a book just totally sucks you in and you feel a bit like you’ve had an out of body experience? That’s a five star read for me.

I hope that helps!


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