My Review Policy

Currently accepting books from:

Authors and publishers, including self-published and indie press books. Ideally, SFF and/or YA books but I am open to other suggestions. I will accept both physical and digital review copies.

Please note I am currently unlikely to accept a self-published book for review due to a high level of commitments at this time. A more personalised email indicating why I specifically would be a good fit for the book and a review would be a helpful thing to have.

Where my reviews are posted online:

My reviews are posted on this WordPress blog, I’ll also likely mention the book on my Youtube channel. I endeavour to post reviews to Goodreads and Amazon (UK) though I often do this in bulk as opposed to doing on the precise day the review goes up – feel free to remind me I won’t be offended.

If I particularly love a book I might make a review video for my Youtube Channel ‘Dead Good Book Reviews’ but that’s not a guarantee – it’ll likely be mentioned in vlogs and wrap-ups though!

When I’ll post reviews:

Please let me know if you need or would prefer a review by a certain date, sometimes this is not possible due to timings and/or work but I can do my best

  • If your book has not been published yet and I am reviewing an ARC, I will aim to post the review within 30 days of publication (either before or after). Usually 2 weeks before if I am given enough notice.
  • If your book has already been published I will aim to review it within 30 days – though my schedule can get full quite quickly.
  • In any other cases, I will do my best to review as quickly as possible

If I do not like a book I will DNF (did not finish) it – but will usually give a book at least 50% to decide. 

If you’d like to contact me about review copies please use my contact page or email

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