The Sacrifice Box, Martin Stewart ARC Book Review

Hello humans! Those who follow me on Twitter (you should) may have wondered what prompted the following tweet: I make a point of avoiding horror movies but I keep reading horror novels by accident... #whyamilikethis — Judith (chaininteraction) (@judithcmoore) November 12, 2017 Well it was this book. An ARC of which I picked up at... Continue Reading →


November Wrap Up

Hello humans! It's been a while since I've written a wrap up post but I feel like this month I've read and reviewed some amazing books and I feel the need to remind myself! Books Reviewed            Series Reviewed   A manic month for sure! But I'm so happy with all the great... Continue Reading →

Lost Boy, Christina Henry Book Review

Hello humans! Some of you may know that (with the exception of Wendy's ending) Peter Pan is one of my favourite stories. I also love retellings and the chance to explore villains in more detail. Enter Lost Boy a book which combines all of these things into one big amazing puddle of awesomeness. Goodreads Summary: There... Continue Reading →

Renegades, Thomas Locke Book Review

Morning mortals! You may be a little confused, didn't I review Renegades yesterday? Why yes you are correct. Today I am reviewing a different book that is also called Renegades. I appear to have slipped back into old bad habits of reading sequels before the first book in series, I have too much on my reading list at the... Continue Reading →

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