Monsters of Men, Patrick Ness – Readalong

Hello Humans! If you read my readalong of Dragon of Ash & Stars then this post will come as no surprise! Yes, I am finally reading the final book in the Chaos Walking series - having bought them at the end of 2018. FINALLY. This series has broken my heart on more than one occasion so prepare for... Continue Reading →


Sherwood, Meagan Spooner – Book Review

Hello Humans! I am so excited to talk about this book. I heard the phrase ‘Robin Hood retelling’ and I was instantaneously on board. This book had me hooked on the concept, the cover, the blurb - I was so ready. But did I fall into the ‘overhyped’ trap? Did my own expectations for this... Continue Reading →

The Cerulean, Amy Ewing – Readalong

Hello Humans! I don't know if it feels the same to you, but it feels like an age since I read The Ask and the Answer and promised a readalong for The Cerulean.'s finally happening. I've had to sit down and do some serious reading organisation because I was feeling simultaneously overwhelmed by my ARC TBR... Continue Reading →

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