10 Books with Romance (that doesn’t suck)

Hello humans! Today's TTT post is a 'love' freebie, so I thought I'd highlight 10 books which have a romance plot in them that doesn't distract from the plot or take over everything. Put simply, 10 books that have romance but don't suck! TTT is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and is one of my favourite... Continue Reading →


We are Such Stuff, R. M. Dorn – Book Review

Morning mortals! It's been a while since I've read one of those books that set me off into a strange brain space. I think the last time was Sweet Dreams - which also has a dreaming element now that I think about it. Maybe I just don't like thinking about dreams. Hmm. Anyway, today's review is... Continue Reading →

20 Questions Book Tag

Hello! Today I am doing a book tag, I very rarely have the time to do these but it's been a bit of a slow week! I was tagged by Riana at Fictional Worlds and Me, you can see her answers to this tag here. This tag was created by buydebook on Goodreads. Well here goes nothing! 1. HOW... Continue Reading →

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