Want to Read Wednesdays – Reign of the Fallen

Hello humans! Today is Want to read Wednesday, the day where I talk about a book I have added to my 'want to read' shelf with the hope that it will persuade me to actually get round to reading the thing rather than just lusting after it on my Goodreads page. *Sigh*. Today I'm talking... Continue Reading →

The Sleeping Prince, Melinda Salisbury – Book Review

Morning mortals! Another day dawns and I'm here with another book review. This was one of my Christmas acquisitions and was actually the first book I finished in 2018 (which may give you something of a hint as to how far ahead my blogging schedule has got from my reading schedule). The Sleeping Prince is the... Continue Reading →

Long term followers of Chaininteraction may remember way back when I did a review of the first book in The Huntress series Sea. I definitely enjoyed reading it and it gave me a big smile when I saw the physical copies of it in my local bookshop so I was excited to have been given the opportunity... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Nightvale, Book Review

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night. Wherever you are I hope it's good. This is one of those fun times where my blogging schedule means I'm writing this now but posting it far in the future (hello end of the month me, how's it going? Ready to move house tomorrow?). But I couldn't... Continue Reading →

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