Smoke in the Sun, Renée Ahdieh – Book Review

Hello humans! Today’s title holds a special place in my heart for a number of reasons, the most pertinent of those reasons is that the first book in this series, Flame in the Mist, was the book in the first ever Fairyloot box I received. It’s hard to believe I’ve had almost thirteen boxes and... Continue Reading →

Ash Princess, Laura Sebastian – Book Review

Hello humans! Another hugely anticipated read takes centre stage today as I am reviewing Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian. This is one of those YA books that I have a feeling everyone will be talking about (for better or worse). I don’t think you can ignore the cover’s similarity to those of the Red Queen... Continue Reading →

Want to Read Wednesday – Circe

Hello humans! Welcome back to another Want to Read Wednesday post, today I'm heading back to my ancient history roots with Circe by Madeline Miller. You know those books that you long for, but can't quite justify buying at the moment? Yeah, that's me with this book. I'm totally desperate to read it and the hardcover edition is so shiny... Continue Reading →

TTT – Best Character Names

Hello humans! Today it is once more Top Ten Tuesday (funny how that comes around every week isn’t it?). The theme for this week is character names, now there are some amazing character names out there (and then there are some with extraneous Xs and Ys in typical fantasy fashion) but I have selected ten... Continue Reading →

Books as a means to escape…

Hello humans! It’s been a wee while since we’ve had a silly Sunday post isn’t it? I blame the book reviews. But at last I have found a space in my schedule to write this post, I hope you enjoy it! We all know books are a means to escape, escaping from the drudgery of... Continue Reading →

The Beast’s Heart – Blog Tour

Hello humans! Yes, I am once more part of another fabulous blog tour, these are some of my favourite opportunities to see what other bloggers are doing and, quite often, to discover new bloggers I hadn't previously been following. Today's blog tour is for Leif Shallcross' The Beast's Heart which is a retelling of Beauty and the... Continue Reading →

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