Dragon Archaeology, Be still my beating heart! In the Labyrinth of Drakes, Marie Brennan, Book Review

Good morning friends! Yes. We're here again with another excited review about the fourth book in the series 'The Memoirs of Lady Trent' by the phenomenal Marie Brennan. Last time we got very excited about sea travel. This time the archaeologist in me is happy to bring you this review of 'In the Labyrinth of... Continue Reading →

There were Dragons and (almost) Pirates! The Voyage of the Basilisk, Marie Brennan Book Review

Yes we're back with what has swiftly become one of my favourite series to read of all time. The more I read of these books the more I become totally besotted. We've only got two left in the series before it's all over and I may shed a tear! Previous reviews: A Natural History of... Continue Reading →

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