TTT 10 (ok 8) Characters who make great leaders.

Morning mortals! Today it's another Top Ten Tuesday post, I'm into this theme in a big way, often the characters who end up leaders in YA are reluctant to do so and it's been really interesting examining who makes a good leader and who didn't get the opportunity to do so. Having said that, I've... Continue Reading →

TTT My top 10 spooky book covers!

Morning Mortals! Tis once again Top Ten Tuesday and since it is halloween of course we have a bit of a spooky theme! I'm here to share with you my top 10 Spooky book covers! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the beyond amazing The Broke and Bookish. If you don’t already... Continue Reading →

TTT 10 Unique Book Titles

Hello humans! I may have skipped a week of Top ten Tuesday (or was it two?) but I'm back now and ready to explore Unique Book titles. I was making a list of reviews I had to write and I realised just how many books I read start with 'The' which was a bit eye... Continue Reading →

My Top Ten Book Crushes – TTT

Morning mortals! Welcome back to the blog for another Top Ten Tuesday post. I'm currently (or will be by the time you're reading this) off on honeymoon so it's a little weird to be talking about book character crushes (I've chosen to make this a little less binary) but I'm not going to lie I... Continue Reading →

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