The Orphanage of Gods, Helena Coggan – Book Review

Hello Humans! Today I'm reviewing another one of my end of 2018 reads, Helena Coggan's The Orphanage of Gods. As with most of my end of year reads, I had pretty much no idea what to expect when I picked this book up and what I ended up reading was certainly something new. This is a YA... Continue Reading →

Dry, Neal Shusterman and Jarrod Shusterman – Readalong

Hello Humans! Welcome back to my second ever readalong post! I'm delighted to be starting Dry, a book that was one of my Christmas presents. That's the beauty of the TBR Tea Cup I suppose, last year it took me until May to actually read some of my Christmas books! If you want to find out more... Continue Reading →

The Unit Ninni Holmqvist – Book Review

Hello humans! Today’s book keeps in line with the (unintentional) dystopian theme that seems to have emerged on the blog this month. The Unit is an adult science fiction, dystopian novel, so only a small departure from what I’m used to reading. It’s an interesting concept, no doubt, and it raises some important issues about... Continue Reading →

Deception, Teri Terry – Book Review

Hello humans! If you stopped by this morning you'll know that today I'm reviewing the first two books in Teri Terry's Dark Matter series. I enjoyed the first book Contagion but how did book two Deception fare? Goodreads Summary: An epidemic is sweeping the country. You are among the infected. There is no cure, and you cannot be... Continue Reading →

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