The Knife of Never Letting Go, Patrick Ness – Book Review

Hello Humans! I don’t often find myself thinking about the font in which my current read is written. It’s not something that crosses my mind. In fact, the only time I really stop to look at it is when books have an ‘about the typeface’ note in them (does anyone know why they put that... Continue Reading →

Killer T, Robert Muchamore – Book Review

Hello humans! Today I’m reviewing the much anticipated new novel from Robert Muchamore. I read a few of the Cherub books when I was a young teen and enjoyed the first few - I actually stopped reading them out of annoyance rather than just drifting away (as I did with a lot of series at... Continue Reading →

Phantom, Leo Hunt – Book Review

Hello humans! Happy Monday and welcome to another book review! Today I am reviewing YA dystopian science-fiction (probably another fifty or so keywords needed here but those work for now) novel Phantom by Leo Hunt. I've never read anything from this author before so I was going into this story with almost no expectations. I ended up... Continue Reading →

Prodigy, Marie Lu – Book Review

Hello humans! We’re on part…5(?) of my journey through the adventures of Marie Lu’s writing (do we count Batman?) Anyway, this is a review of the second book in the Legend series Prodigy. I was left hooked after book one and immediately had to read the next. YA dystopian trilogies are my jam, but second... Continue Reading →

Want to Read Wednesday – Fahrenheit 451

Hello humans! Tricky to write a W2RW post this week given that the Top Ten Tuesday prompt took most of my ideas! I've decided, therefore, to delve into the backlist and find a slightly older book that I'd like to get to at some point.   Goodreads Summary: The terrifyingly prophetic novel of a post-literate... Continue Reading →

The Unit Ninni Holmqvist – Book Review

Hello humans! Today’s book keeps in line with the (unintentional) dystopian theme that seems to have emerged on the blog this month. The Unit is an adult science fiction, dystopian novel, so only a small departure from what I’m used to reading. It’s an interesting concept, no doubt, and it raises some important issues about... Continue Reading →

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