The True Queen, Zen Cho – Book Review

Hello Humans! I'm finally catching up with some of my review copies for the start of April - I was so tired at the end of March that I fell further behind than I would normally like to (but also it feels as though SO many books got published in the last fortnight and there... Continue Reading →

The Magpie King, M. J. Fahy – Book Review

Hello humans! As some may have noticed I’ve been dropping a few more examples of middle-grade titles into my reading schedule these past few months, generally it’s been an incredibly positive experience, I think a lot of the settings and characters in middle-grade titles have the whimsy that somehow rarely gets written into either YA... Continue Reading →

Review – The Trees, Ali Shaw

I don't think it would be wrong of me to assert that I've never before read a book like this. I could probably conjure a whole host of elements from other books that it reminds me of, it has the primal fear of the woods that features in Uprooted, it has the horror and the gore... Continue Reading →

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