Nocturna, Maya Motayne – Book Review

Hello Humans! I'm still here blasting through May releases like some kind of reading superhero (albeit a superhero that turns up a little bit late once all the fighting is done because she was really busy in April). Today I'm reviewing a YA fantasy Latinx-inspired novel, Maya Motayne's Nocturna. Goodreads Summary: Set in a Latinx-inspired world,... Continue Reading →

Circle of Shadows, Evelyn Skye – Readalong

Hello Humans! As it was promised so it shall be! I finished reading Abhorsen and the TBR tea-cup chose Circle of Shadows, a book I received in the January Fairyloot box as my next read. I will say, I've seen a couple of fairly negative reviews for this one, and I'm not 100% sold on the concept, so I'm... Continue Reading →

Bookish Pin Collection

Hello humans! One of my absolute favourite things to collect is enamel pins and badges, I think it's the magpie in me, I just love shiny things. I recently added a couple of new additions to my collection and I thought it would be fun to talk about them with you and also have a... Continue Reading →

My favourites, July 2017

Beep boop. Hello mortals. Can you believe July is over? I certainly can't. Two months until I get married...aaah! So in order to relax a little I'm sitting down and I'm writing down all the things I've loved this month, bookish and otherwise. Soothe yourself with the happy things I have discovered this month! Twitter... Continue Reading →

What’s taken my fancy in May?

Guess who forgot to schedule her posts properly so has double posts for a lot of days this week? THIS GAL! So prepare yourself for not one, not two but THREE double doses of chain interaction this week. Yes I could have worked around it and rescheduled things but honestly I really like writing wrap... Continue Reading →

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