The Wolf, Leo Carew – Book Review

Hello humans! You know those times when you try to push yourself out of your reading comfort zone and it ends up changing your world and zapping you out of that reading slump you’ve been in for a while? Yeah, this was not one of those times. I have some things to say about The... Continue Reading →

Tangleweed and Brine, Deirdre Sullivan – Book Review

Hello humans! Welcome to another installment of ALL THE RETELLINGS, the blog posts where I review one of the millions of retellings that seem to have suddenly exploded onto the shelves in the last year or so. Today I'm actually reviewing a collection of retellings which caught my eye in a post about the most... Continue Reading →

Hath No Fury, An Anthology, ARC Review

Morning Mortals! I cannot wait to bring you today's review because this book made me feel all kinds of ways! Goodreads Summary: Hath No Fury contains approximately 20 meaningful stories that defy the stereotypes. In this anthology, readers should expect to find super-smart, purpose-driven, ultra-confident heroines. Here, it’s not the hero who does all the action while... Continue Reading →

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