The Storm of Shadows, Ninian Carter – Book Review

Hello humans! Today I am delighted to be a part of the 'The Storm of Shadows' Blog Tour! I love doing blog tours as you will know if you've been around for a while. If you haven't then welcome - I like doing blog tours. Now that's all cleared up let's get to the book.... Continue Reading →

Fly by Night, Frances Hardinge – Book Review

Hello humans! Thank you for joining me today as I review another amazing book by the wonderful Frances Hardinge. I have absolutely no idea why I don’t just up and buy everything this author has ever written as so far I have loved each book I have read. The Lie Tree was phenomenal, A Skinful... Continue Reading →

Wrecker, Noel O’Reilly – Book Review

Hello humans! Today’s review is another example of my recent move to step outside of my reading comfort zone on occasion. On this occasion, I stepped into the world of Historical Fiction. I’ve done this in the past with books like Lady Mary and you all know my obsession with alternative historical fiction series And... Continue Reading →

Holiday TBR – Norway

Hello humans! This bonus post (because there are too many book reviews to schedule!) is partially an announcement and partially a tbr list. The husband and I are off on a cruise tomorrow to Norway and I am stupendously excited, partly for the opportunity to visit a country to which I have never been, but... Continue Reading →

In the Pines, Erik Kriek – Book Review

Morning mortals! Today I'm reviewing another graphic novel, I think the last time I did this was back when I reviewed Nimona, my first foray into all things illustrated. Since then I've been keeping my eyes open for fun/interesting graphic novels and comics. In the Pines definitely fits that particular bill (the latter, I'm not sure I... Continue Reading →

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