Why Bookworms are Basically Disney Villains

Hello humans! Welcome to another silly Sunday post! I've had so many reviews to fit in this month and I didn't want to bombard you with posts. But I'm back now and I thought I'd share with you some similarities I have found between your favourite bookworms and your favourite villains! Much like Ursula, we... Continue Reading →

Where to Find A Bookworm

So you've decided you want to locate your favourite bookworm. You've tried the normal methods: email, phone, texts, bat signal, but none of them have worked. Have no fear, I've thought of some places you might want to check and some techniques to try to lure them out. Outside I know, I know it sounds... Continue Reading →

Things NOT to say to Bookworms

The bookworm is a delicate creature, easily perturbed. You must approach with caution. However, if treated with appropriate care and quiet persistence you will find them to be loyal companions who will have a constant supply of book recommendations for you to enjoy. If you try really hard they might even lend you their book...maybe. But there... Continue Reading →

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