Tunnel of Bones, Victoria Schwab – Book Review

Hello Humans! Another book bites the dust and I've got another review to write! Today I'm reviewing the latest in Victoria Schwab's middle-grade Cassidy Blake series. I quite enjoyed City of Ghosts when I read it last year so I was looking forward to seeing how Schwab tackled a novel set in Paris. Goodreads Summary: Trouble... Continue Reading →

City of Ghosts, Victoria Schwab – Book Review

Hello humans! Has it got to a point where I will buy pretty much everything that Victoria Schwab produces? She could bring out a book about the nuts and bolts of 19th-century steam trains and I would still preorder the special edition! But I was genuinely very excited about the release of City of Ghosts, which promised... Continue Reading →

TTT – Halloween Themed Books

Hello humans! I did, at one point, have a grand plan to do a whole month of spooky reads, including some classics and some new releases. Sadly, there wasn't time in my schedule to fit all those books in (but I've made a note for next year) so thankfully today's Top Ten Tuesday prompt is... Continue Reading →

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