Darkdawn, Jay Kristoff – Book Review

Hello Humans. That's right. It's time. You've known it was coming. It's my review of Darkdawn. Oh boy. Spoilers ahead for Nevernight and Godsgrave but spoiler-free for Darkdawn.    Goodreads Summary: A ruthless young assassin's journey for revenge comes to a stunning end in the conclusion of this acclaimed epic fantasy trilogy. The Republic of Itreya... Continue Reading →

Godsgrave, Jay Kristoff Book Review

Hello Humans! Yes the day has come. After just under a year of nailbiting, unbearable waiting I have read Godsgrave the sequel to Jay Kristoff's Nevernight. I was approved to read this on Netgalley really close to the release date but I also treated myself to the Goldsborough signed edition with sprayed edges because I have 0... Continue Reading →

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