Kim Reaper (Vol. 1), Sarah Graley ARC Book Review

Morning mortals! I think the last time I reviewed a graphic novel/comic was  back in December when I reviewed Nimona. This is a much shorter story, more of a first installment in what I hope is a much longer series. If you're looking for an adorable story and some even more adorable illustrations then look no... Continue Reading →

In the Pines, Erik Kriek – Book Review

Morning mortals! Today I'm reviewing another graphic novel, I think the last time I did this was back when I reviewed Nimona, my first foray into all things illustrated. Since then I've been keeping my eyes open for fun/interesting graphic novels and comics. In the Pines definitely fits that particular bill (the latter, I'm not sure I... Continue Reading →

Nimona, Noelle Stevenson Review

Morning mortals! Yes it is I, once again actually fulfilling a Want to Read Wednesday dream! I talked about this book back in August so it's very exciting to have finally read it! This was such a delightful book, and possibly the first graphic novel I have reviewed here on Chaininteraction so we shall see... Continue Reading →

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