Weave the Lightning, Corry L. Lee – Book Review

Hello Humans! Now of all the magics/superpowers I have to say storm magic has always been something I've craved. You're reading the blog of a woman who still sort of pretends she has wind powers sometimes. So I leapt at the chance to read Weave the Lightning, a new fantasy book from Rebellion Publishing. Goodreads Summary: Empire.... Continue Reading →

Eve of Eridu, Alanah Andrews – Book Review

Hello humans! I keep saying it, and it continues to be true, I've had to review a lot of review copies lately. I'm hoping to have the majority of them out of the way by the end of the year, and then next year I have plans for how I'm going to balance things so... Continue Reading →

The Magpie King, M. J. Fahy – Book Review

Hello humans! As some may have noticed I’ve been dropping a few more examples of middle-grade titles into my reading schedule these past few months, generally it’s been an incredibly positive experience, I think a lot of the settings and characters in middle-grade titles have the whimsy that somehow rarely gets written into either YA... Continue Reading →

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