TTT – Books that Deserve TV or Movie Adaptations (or a second chance)

Hello humans! Today's TTT theme was actually 'Bingeworthy TV Shows/Amazing Movies' but I rarely have time for TV at the moment and my taste in movies is appalling so┬áinstead I thought I'd share the ten books of which I would love to watch TV or Movie adaptations.* *Real talk: I, of course, mean seventeen-hour epics... Continue Reading →

April Favourites. What I’ve been loving this month

Hello again dearest friends and welcome to my second ever favourites post. It seems April went by in a flash of easter eggs and bunny rabbits and now here we are at the end. People seemed to like my March favourites so I thought I'd give it another go and share with you some of... Continue Reading →

How do you discover new content?

We all know it by now. It really doesn't need to be said out loud. But regardless of how overstated it is, the fact that we live in an information age where everything is at our fingertips, does not get any less true. But in a world where we're constantly bombarded with advertisements and where... Continue Reading →

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