The Mime Order, Samantha Shannon Book Review

You know those books you finish and then you have to physically hold yourself back from buying the next one in the series because you don't have the money? Yeah this is one of those books... Goodreads Summary (Spoilers for The Bone Season)  Paige Mahoney has escaped the brutal prison camp of Sheol I, but her... Continue Reading →

How do you mix Senegalese tradition with science fiction? Our Memory Like Dust, Gavin Chaits – ARC Review

Fun fact, I thought I'd written this post, went back to look at it and realised I had completely forgotten to actually write a review? Appropriate for this book title? Most definitely. Goodreads Summary:  Why do we tell stories? To hold on to what has been loved and lost, to create new myths, to explain... Continue Reading →

May Wrap Up (How did we do?)

Let's see what happened this month! I had some quite broad goals this month and I don't think I've beaten April in terms of sheer quantity but you never know! May Reading Goals: Finish the Red Queen series (DONE) Finish The Memoirs of Lady Trent (ALMOST DONE-I'm just waiting on the last one from the library) Read... Continue Reading →

What’s taken my fancy in May?

Guess who forgot to schedule her posts properly so has double posts for a lot of days this week? THIS GAL! So prepare yourself for not one, not two but THREE double doses of chain interaction this week. Yes I could have worked around it and rescheduled things but honestly I really like writing wrap... Continue Reading →

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