TTT – Books to Read by the Pool or at the Beach

Hello Humans! Since apparently, it's almost summer (shhh I'm in denial the year isn't going this fast promise me) this week's TTT theme is 'books to read by the pool or at the beach'. Since I read so much fantasy I don't really get into the 'summer reads' vibes I thought I'd twist the theme... Continue Reading →

Steampunk Mermaids-too good to be true? Aurabell, laura Dockrill ARC Book Review (No Spoilers)

When I first saw this book I thought there was no way that anyone could ever pull it off. Seriously. Barring the fact that metal tends to rust underwater, there just didn't seem to be a way to gel my ideas of what constitutes 'steampunk' with the teen culture of mermaids. In some ways I... Continue Reading →

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