The Magpie King, M. J. Fahy – Book Review

Hello humans! As some may have noticed I’ve been dropping a few more examples of middle-grade titles into my reading schedule these past few months, generally it’s been an incredibly positive experience, I think a lot of the settings and characters in middle-grade titles have the whimsy that somehow rarely gets written into either YA... Continue Reading →

These are a Few of my Favourite Tropes – Women Inventors

Hello humans! Last week I started a series where I'm planning on talking about some of my favourite tropes in fiction (particularly science fiction and fantasy). Last week I talked about strong female characters, which does tie into this week's trope. I want to talk about one of my absolute favourite tropes - women inventors.... Continue Reading →

Brightstorm, Vashti Hardy – Book Review

Hello humans! I have been getting into reading Middle-Grade a little more recently (I blame Asha) and one such book that caught my eye was Brightstorm. I think this book has just the most gorgeous cover, for starters, but then reading it I was utterly enchanted. Let me tell you why... Goodreads Summary: Twins Arthur and Maudie receive... Continue Reading →

Frogkisser, Garth Nix – Book Review

Hello humans! I’ve said it before and I will continue to proclaim it from the rooftops until someone calls the authorities and demands I get down. 2018 is the year of ALL THE RETELLINGS. I know that, in part, that’s just my reading taste showing it’s true colours as I continue to buy retellings but... Continue Reading →

Long term followers of Chaininteraction may remember way back when I did a review of the first book in The Huntress series Sea. I definitely enjoyed reading it and it gave me a big smile when I saw the physical copies of it in my local bookshop so I was excited to have been given the opportunity... Continue Reading →

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