Track by Track, Lucy Spraggan – I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing

The 27th of January this year was a happy day. Another album release from the incomparable Lucy Spraggan. If you've never encountered her before I'd recommend looking her up, she's hard to describe without comparing her to those lesser than her. She has one of those voices that sticks in your head, I can't cover... Continue Reading →

Eagerly Anticipating! Coming Alive – The Vassar Devils

I've mentioned The Vassar Devils before on this blog when I talked about The Staves. This group of amazingly talented individuals make up my favourite collegiate acapella group. Yes. I have a favourite collegiate acapella group. Sue me. What characterises The Vassar Devils? I'd say phenomenal harmony, with evocative use of discord, creative song choice,... Continue Reading →

How do you discover new content?

We all know it by now. It really doesn't need to be said out loud. But regardless of how overstated it is, the fact that we live in an information age where everything is at our fingertips, does not get any less true. But in a world where we're constantly bombarded with advertisements and where... Continue Reading →

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