David Mogo, Godhunter, Suyi Davies Okungbowa – Book Review

Hello Humans! How many Nigerian inspired fantasy books have you read? If you're like me the answer is probably "maybe one?". Well, do I have a recommendation for you. David Mogo, Godhunter is a new release from Oxford-based publisher Rebellion Publishing. It's set in Lagos, Nigeria and combines a lot of my favourite storytelling elements. Goodreads Summary:... Continue Reading →

Descendant of the Crane, Joan He – Book Review

Hello Humans! I know that Christmas feels like an age away (because it was) but I’m writing this in early 2019, having read Descendant of the Crane during my break from work at the end of the year. I first heard about this book in one of those ‘books I am excited about’ threads on... Continue Reading →

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