Maresi, Maria Turtschaninoff Book Review

Good morning my lovelies! (It may not be morning, if so I hope your next morning is good. Back in July you may remember my review of Naondel, which is actually the second book in The Red Abbey Chronicles. However, since Naondel is essentially a prequel to Maresi I think this is the first time... Continue Reading →

Feminist Fiction? Naondel, Maria Turtschaninoff Book review

We need to talk about labelling books 'feminist' as a way of selling them. Seriously. CONTENT NOTE: Sexual Assault, Rape, Violence against women. Goodreads Summary:  In the opulent palace of Ohaddin, women have one purpose - to obey. Some were brought here as girls, captured and enslaved; some as servants; some as wives. All of... Continue Reading →

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