Otherworld, Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller Book Review

Morning mortals! Today I'm happy to be reviewing Otherworld, a new book which (in the UK) is coming from the same publishing house that brought us Illuminae and Gemina. I don't know if that's particularly interesting to you but I always find it cool to look at what different publishers are doing and what similarities are between the titles... Continue Reading →

There’s Someone Inside Your House, Stephanie Perkins ARC Book Review

Hello humans! I'm excited to keep on with the theme of yesterday which was of course 'books I wouldn't normally read but I actually enjoyed'. Today I'm reviewing a YA contemporary horror novel that I picked up an ARC of at YALC about three months ago. Yes my reading schedule has been that jam packed!... Continue Reading →

Godsgrave, Jay Kristoff Book Review

Hello Humans! Yes the day has come. After just under a year of nailbiting, unbearable waiting I have read Godsgrave the sequel to Jay Kristoff's Nevernight. I was approved to read this on Netgalley really close to the release date but I also treated myself to the Goldsborough signed edition with sprayed edges because I have 0... Continue Reading →

Satellite, Nick Lake Book Review

Hello space cadets. (Side note-if any of my readers actually are space cadets that sounds amazing and you should definitely let me know in the comments below. Keen followers of this blog will know that, although I primarily review fantasy novels, I am prone to dipping into a little science fiction every now and then,... Continue Reading →

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