The Exact Opposite of Okay, Laura Steven – Book Review

Hello humans! Today is another example of my forays out of the world of SFF and into contemporary YA. I've read some amazing examples of contemporary YA it's just not my preferred genre so I don't tend to gravitate towards it. But I'm so glad I requested this book because it is utterly phenomenal and... Continue Reading →

Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, Julie C. Dao – Book Review

Hello humans! Today I'm reviewing a book that I got hold of in the October Fairyloot box - which gives you an indication of how far behind I fell on my physical TBR last year. Nevertheless, I was super excited to get to reading this one and I'm delighted to tell you it was worth the... Continue Reading →

Lost Boy, Christina Henry Book Review

Hello humans! Some of you may know that (with the exception of Wendy's ending) Peter Pan is one of my favourite stories. I also love retellings and the chance to explore villains in more detail. Enter Lost Boy a book which combines all of these things into one big amazing puddle of awesomeness. Goodreads Summary: There... Continue Reading →

Renegades, Thomas Locke Book Review

Morning mortals! You may be a little confused, didn't I review Renegades yesterday? Why yes you are correct. Today I am reviewing a different book that is also called Renegades. I appear to have slipped back into old bad habits of reading sequels before the first book in series, I have too much on my reading list at the... Continue Reading →

Blackbird N. D. Gomes Book Review

Morning Mortals! It's time for another edition of 'Judith branches out into contemporary YA because she picked up an ARC at YALC and felt bad not reviewing it'. But that's not a catchy title so let's just call this 'out of my comfort zone'. Goodreads Summary: My name is Alex. I am fifteen years old,... Continue Reading →

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