The Secret Runners of New York, Matthew Reilly – Book Review

Hello Humans! It feels like a good long while since I last dipped my toes into the YA dystopian genre (but thinking about it, I just finished Monsters of Men so maybe that’s just me compartmentalising things into weird genre groups). At a guess, I’d say the other books I’ve read lately have been Dry... Continue Reading →

Rebel, S. M. Wilson – Readalong

Hello Humans! I said it was coming and I deliver on my promises. I've bypassed my TBR tea-cup for one book in order to bring you a readalong of Rebel, the last book in the Extinction Trials series. As someone who, at the age of 24, just bought a new backpack with neon dinosaurs on it,... Continue Reading →

Blackwing, Ed McDonald – Book Review

Hello humans! Today's review is for Blackwing, fun fact, I was actually at the launch for this book at YALC last year, there were cupcakes, it was awesome. Almost a year on and I actually bought and read the book so maybe the cupcakes influenced me somehow? This is actually another two-part review series, I'll... Continue Reading →

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