Satellite, Nick Lake Book Review

Hello space cadets. (Side note-if any of my readers actually are space cadets that sounds amazing and you should definitely let me know in the comments below. Keen followers of this blog will know that, although I primarily review fantasy novels, I am prone to dipping into a little science fiction every now and then,... Continue Reading →

Lucky Ghost, Matthew Blakstad Book Review

Hello friends! Yes it is I back with another rambling book review! I was lucky enough to have been approved for a review copy of one of Hodder & Stoughton's latest titles Lucky Ghost which is sort of a science fiction novel with a lot of the elements of a spy/mystery/thriller novel as well. Want to hear... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Nightvale, Book Review

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night. Wherever you are I hope it's good. This is one of those fun times where my blogging schedule means I'm writing this now but posting it far in the future (hello end of the month me, how's it going? Ready to move house tomorrow?). But I couldn't... Continue Reading →

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