Supernova, Marissa Meyer – Book Review

Hello Humans! I have a full dedicated reading vlog for this book so do go and check that out if you fancy seeing my feelings about this book develop in real time! But if you're more one for the written word - I'm going to do my best to put my feelings about the final... Continue Reading →

Characters who walk the line between good and…less good. (Renegades)

Hello humans! Welcome to an incredibly exciting blog post! I'm delighted to be teaming up with the lovely folk at Macmillan Children's publishing* and with my wonderful real-life bookish friend Asha (who blogs over at to bring you this post inspired by Marissa Meyer's Renegades which you may recall me reviewing back in November... Continue Reading →

Want to Read Wednesdays – Archenemies

Hello humans! It's time for another W2RW post and today I'm talking about a sequel which I am very excited about. I know Marissa Meyer's Renegades was one of those 'either you love it or you hate it' kind of Marmite books, I personally fell into the 'love' camp. I've been waiting since I read Renegades last year... Continue Reading →

Renegades, Thomas Locke Book Review

Morning mortals! You may be a little confused, didn't I review Renegades yesterday? Why yes you are correct. Today I am reviewing a different book that is also called Renegades. I appear to have slipped back into old bad habits of reading sequels before the first book in series, I have too much on my reading list at the... Continue Reading →

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