Empire of Sands, Tasha Suri – Book Review

Hello humans! It feels like it's been a while, in case you missed my announcement on Twitter I'm going to be changing up the frequency of posts on this blog in the run-up to the new year, life is really busy and my brain is a little broken at the moment. There will still be... Continue Reading →

Skyward, Brandon Sanderson – Book Review

Hello humans! it's time for my spot on the Skyward Blog tour! There are some amazing other bloggers on this tour so I urge you all to go and check out each post! Small confession to make - I've never read any Brandon Sanderson before. I know. Shameful. I don't know whether it was a... Continue Reading →

Dark Mind Rising, Julia Keller

Hello Humans! Today I'm reviewing Dark Mind Rising, the sequel to The Dark Intercept - which I reviewed around this time last year. I was intrigued by the idea of a world where emotions could be so strictly monitored and regulated, as well as the relationship between old Earth and new Earth, but the book does tie off... Continue Reading →

September TBR

Hello humans and happy September! This year has flown by, I can hardly believe that it's almost been a year since I got married - blimey. But there's more books to be read and more reviews to be written and the world keeps on rolling. So here are some of the books I'm hoping to... Continue Reading →

Mirage, Somaiya Daud – Book Review

Hello Humans! Today’s review is for a wonderfully unique book that took me very much by surprise. Mirage is an own voices Moroccan inspired story and a gorgeous crossover between fantasy and science fiction and I was very lucky to get to read it a little before the release date. This book has a whole... Continue Reading →

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