A Memory Called Empire, Arkady Martine – Book Review

Hello Humans! A Memory Called Empire was a book that sort of passed me by when it first came out. I wasn’t totally sold on the whole science fiction thing at the time (oh how times change) and I couldn’t quite work out what it was all about based on brief glimpses of the cover. ... Continue Reading →

The Stars We Steal, Alexa Donne – Book Review

Hello Humans!  There’s a specific fantasy trope that I think I will love until the day I die. I’m speaking, of course, of what I like to think of as ‘ballgown fantasy’, the kind of books that spend as much time describing the beautiful dresses the main character will be wearing to the next social... Continue Reading →

Slay, Brittney Morris – Book Review

Hello Humans! Thanks for stopping by for today's review of Brittney Morris' Slay. This book promised to be a "Black Panther-inspired novel about virtual reality, safe spaces and celebrating your identity" which sounded fabulous to me! Goodreads Summary: By day, seventeen-year-old Kiera Johnson is an honors student, a math tutor, and one of the only Black... Continue Reading →

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