Hard Time, Jodi Taylor – Book Review | Blog Tour

Hello Humans! I'm going to do the slightly weird thing of prompting you to go to another blogger right at the start of this review. Because...in some ways I am back to my old habits. I am kind of reading a series out of order. Now in this case it's a bit complicated because it's... Continue Reading →

Battle Beyond the Dolestars, Chris McCrudden – Book Review

Hello Humans! It’s rather rare that I find myself reading books that are I quite often find books hilarious because they are either bad or silly, but more often than not, the kind of thing I find myself reading is fairly bleak fantasy. Today’s book could not be further from that - Battle Beyond the... Continue Reading →

Phantom, Leo Hunt – Book Review

Hello humans! Happy Monday and welcome to another book review! Today I am reviewing YA dystopian science-fiction (probably another fifty or so keywords needed here but those work for now) novel Phantom by Leo Hunt. I've never read anything from this author before so I was going into this story with almost no expectations. I ended up... Continue Reading →

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