Prosper’s Demon, K.J. Parker – Book Review

Hello Humans! How often do you read novellas? I must say for me it’s fairly infrequent - I tend to find all my time is taken up by reading huge chunky fantasy tomes and I don’t gravitate towards shorter books very often. I’ve been making an effort to shake up my reading and slot more... Continue Reading →

The Tangled Lands, Paola Bagicalupi, Tobias S Buckell – Readalong

Hello Humans! I'll admit, I was feeling a little defeated after my last readalong, I was heading dramatically slumpwards with no real feeling for what I wanted to read next. Enter the fabled TBR jar which prompted me to read The Tangled Lands. This was the perfect book for me to read as it is just the... Continue Reading →

The Emerald Circus, Jane Yolen ARC Book Review

Hello humans! Another short story compilation? Why yes! I've been reading a few of these lately and I've actually been pretty pleasantly surprised. Goodreads Summary: Enter the Emerald Circus and be astonished by the transformations of your favorite tales. Ringmaster and internationally bestselling author Jane Yolen (Briar Rose, Sister Emily’s Lightship) spins modern fantasy classics... Continue Reading →

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