Sisters of Shadow and Light, Sara B. Larson – Book Review

Hello Humans! Recently, I feel like most of my reading has been taken up with chunky fantasy books. I love a big book as much as the next person but found I really wanted a bit of a palette cleanser. Enter Sara B. Larson’s book Sisters of Shadow and Light. I realised I actually really... Continue Reading →

Want-to-Read Wednesdays, ‘The Witchfinder’s Sister’ by Beth Underdown

Historical paranormal fiction is not a genre I have considered, as it were. By which I mean I daresay I've read a lot of it, but I've never walked into a bookshop with that in mind. This week's Want-to-Read Wednesday The Witchfinder's Sister appears to fit into that genre...and I'm really looking forward to this one.... Continue Reading →

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