Do You Dream of Terra Two, Temi Oh – Book Review

Hello Humans! Are you ready to head into SPACE? That's right, if the cover image didn't give it away - today I'm reviewing some science fiction. Do You Dream of Terra Two was one of those books that hooked me with an interesting concept but that took me quite a while to actually get to? However,... Continue Reading →

Light Years, Kass Morgan – Book Review

Hello humans! I did mention that September was the month of ARC reviews, didn't I? Well, they haven't shown signs of stopping and today is no exception. Light Years is the latest book by the author of The 100 Kass Morgan. I read the first book in The 100 and did quite enjoy it so I was interested... Continue Reading →

Satellite, Nick Lake Book Review

Hello space cadets. (Side note-if any of my readers actually are space cadets that sounds amazing and you should definitely let me know in the comments below. Keen followers of this blog will know that, although I primarily review fantasy novels, I am prone to dipping into a little science fiction every now and then,... Continue Reading →

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